Kleen Start NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) Cleaner/Degreaser


Introducing an All-Natural, Safe, & Effective Solution to Your Toughest Messes

Kleen Start Cleaner/Degreaser (NaOH) is nature’s great cleaning secret. Our aqueous Sodium Hydroxide is created naturally through an electrolysis process that produces a powerful, safe, and unbelievably effective solution for the toughest household, retail, or industrial messes.

Aqueous NaOH cuts through grease, dirt, blood, and sugars like a hot knife through butter, and unlike traditional solutions used in most restaurants and retail locations, it leaves no sticky residue. Kleen Start Citrus Scent Cleaner/Degreaser actually cleans and degreases better than any solution you have ever used or your money back.

What's even better than a natural alternative to cleaning?  Kleen Start manufactures our products locally and we can set up delivery in available locations to businesses, schools, restaurants, and other retail locations. And every time we deliver our products, we pick up your used plastic to refill and reuse. Our goal is not only to produce a non-toxic and all-natural product but to help eliminate your cleaning and disinfecting plastic waste.

A Better Way to Clean


Kleen Start Cleaner/Degreaser is a safer alternative to harsh and harmful chemicals. Other chemical-based cleaners are toxic to people, pets, and the environment.

Kleen Start Sodium Hydroxide is tough on stubborn messes but gentle on surfaces, fabrics, and hands. Our 800 PPM concentrate solution can be diluted to fit the needs of the job at hand. Have a tougher problem? Simply use a stronger dilution.

Kleen Start Cleaner/Degreaser has a clean citrus scent and is infused with pure essential oils. It leaves your home, office, school, or business clean and fresh.

Click below for dilution instructions.

NaOH Cleaner/Degreaser
  • Concentrated Power - Powerful and customizable dilutions to suit your needs. 

  • Win/Win for Cleaning - All-natural, safe for people and pets, safe for the environment. 

  • More Clean, Less Waste - Reduces plastic waste in oceans and landfills.

  • Save Money - 1 gallon of concentrate makes up to 32 gallons of solution.


Great For Use On:

  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Bathrooms
  • Countertops
  • Tables
  • Pet Stains
  • Carpets
  • Kitchen Stoves
  • Appliances
  • And so much more!
Gallon Bottles

We don't compromise when it comes to quality, safety, and cleanliness. It's time to upgrade your clean.

Kleen Start: Welcome to a New Kind of Kleen.

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